Quote of the day...

"...golf is like an 18 year old girl with big boops..you know it is wrong but you just can't keep away from her..."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Father's Day Golf at St. Carey

This should be an earlier entry because it was happened mid June this year....can't remember actual date and I'm too lazy to find out......

Hi all, this is my first post in this blog. Not to say much, just wanna share some pics taken from my camera's glass.... The event was the first golfing experience I ever had. Without any practice (even at driving range),...just a citigolf simulator session at Bangsar a few weeks before, I just went there bringing just my self.... clubs, shoe, glove, ball, tee, all sponsored by friends (millions thanks guys)....my knowledge about golf?..almost zero... during game, I struggled to figure out what "mulligan" means?....hahahaha... That justify why I can't say much...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I just did all of that?

After a particularly poor game of golf, a popular club member skipped the clubhouse and started to go home. As he was walking to the parking lot to get his car, a policeman stopped him and asked, "Did you tee off on the sixteenth hole about twenty minutes ago?"

"Yes," the golfer responded.

"Did you happen to hook your ball so that it went over the trees and off the course?"

"Yes, I did. How did you know?" he asked.

"Well," said the policeman very seriously, "Your ball flew out onto the highway and crashed through a driver's windshield. The car went out of control, crashing into five other cars and a fire truck. The fire truck couldn't make it to the fire, and the building burned down. So, what are you going to do about it?"

The golfer thought it over carefully and responded...

"I think I'll close my stance a little bit, tighten my grip and lower my right thumb."

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Something to share...

"Want to create lifetime golfers???Start with a mentor...." M'sian Golf Digest - Aug'10 issue.
"..The game biggest challenge might be bringing young people to golf and getting them to stay...."
"...Lee Trevino was an eighth grade who never know his father when driving range owner gave him a job and all the practise ball he could hit, but most meaningful was the guy gave him "ATTENTION"....that what he's desperately needed..."
some points to ponder..huh..at this age, at this stage, we can still consider ourselves young..in golf off-course..means that we can still be a golfer..starting form now..provided we're keen and at least have some sort of motivator..in our case..definitely not our wives..hahaha...so..our buddies are here to give attention among ourselves..after all...please bare and understand the meaning of this blog....30 (our age) to single (handicap)..hehe..not status haaaa!!!


Kinrara Challenge - White Vogour vs Rest of the House

Haha...the title seems promising...based on last minute arrangement, we managed to secure 1 flite for tomorrow's (1 Aug'10) game in Kinrara..again..since Impian is full and some prefer not to play in 'koboi' course i.e Bk Jelutong etc..
Managed to provide authorisation to Tonggek Garcia, Bodhen Kamte, Bagak Singh & Megat Daily for administrator role iin this blog today...phew..at least I got some assistance from these regular bloggers!!
Overall, my point is to make this blog as a tool for us Fivers 96 golfers to invite other rookie golfers out there to join this circle of friends...at least by end of the year who knows perhaps we can arrange 1 nice golf trips outside klang valley...at least 2-3 flites...
ok..do read Aug Golf Digest M'sian issue..got some interesting articles..
See you tomorrow !!! hehe( burner vs King Cobra )...hehe

Greetings ....again...

What a tiring week I had last week. Spending 11 days in hotel with 3 luxurious meals a day definitely makes my tummy bigger and bigger haha...
Anyway, managed to squeeze a round of 18 holes with Tonggek Garcia & Efi Ishikawa. Kinrara has improved the course I can say..must be due to the recent championship few months back where Danny Chia won 1st place. My score???huhu..not much improvement due to inconsistent golfing lately.
Nevertheless it was still an enjoyable outing since we (me,efi & balau jimenez) now found one more serious golfer to be - tonggek garcia...haha..kudos tonggek for your interest and effort. Hopefully all of us managed to score 80 by the next 2 years..hehe..
I've bought a new driver - King Cobra LD Speed 10.5 @ cheras pro-shop last week..(there goes my duit makan for august..huhu). So far am still trying to find that sweet spot that can launch my tee off up to 260-280m at least...hehe..hopefully can improve my overall score by end of the year.
Hmm...supposed to arranged a game in either Tunku Jaafar or Bukit Beruntung this weekend, but seems dat all my BB geng is up to something...another one more week to go before the great Ramadhan..hmmm..will try to arrange one round of golf (9 hole at least) in thid Puasa month..should be interesting aye?!..
See you on Starians 9296 Futsal (North vs South)...ooopss..I haven't make the booking...yet...ouch!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good news!!!

Right solution at the right time...go to..
starts cutting down your score now!!! and make friends with seasoned golfers...hehe(single H/cap pleasee...)

New Year..New Resolution..

For some 'makan gaji' eksekutip like myself, the co. FY is Jul-June each year. So this is the time where everything is measured. from your own KPI up to Co. KPI too. This soon will affect your new salary and also some bonus payment (if ada untunglaa..)..
My story???sigh..it's always been hard changing to HR dept to Sports dept...i must say..eventho sports is my passion...but somehow it's difficult to live with it as a job..maybe i've set my mind long ago that sports will bring you no where..esp in Malaysia..but i took it purely for the clearer path for me to peak up to higher level..sigh...it's the same old story...as long as you're in the dept/co which exercise kronisme, politicking..kipas sana kipas sini...you'll stuck there forever...this is happening to me..i think..
Anyway...life must goes on...if you can't find what u want in A...there's always B,C,D.....
tp sedey la...kalu forecast financial dah salah budget..huhu
camne nk beli membership golf nih...huhu.renung2kan...